Blue Point: via  XXVIII Aprile 19,

12100 Cuneo ( CN )


Blue Point:

Via  XXVIII Aprile 19,  12100 Cuneo (CN)



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Telephone: ( +39 ) 0171 324442

Mobile phone: (+39) 333 4990827





Created to offer its clients the most efficient, timely, and complete translation service, Blue Point offers competitive services such as technical, scientific, legal, and commercial translations in all languages. 

Blue Point guarantees maximum terminological and conceptual accuracy in its translations into more than 100 languages! 

We indicate some of our main European, Slavic, and non-European working languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, French, Japanese, Greek, English, Italian, Latvian, Macedonian, Mandarin, Moldovan, Montenegrin, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, German, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, and many more.

We have a huge network of collaborators to guarantee efficient, precise, and timely service.

The staff is composed of native speakers and certified translators specialized in various sectors, so as to offer the maximum comprehension of the original text in all its nuances and to guarantee an optimal and personalized translation.

Each request will receive an adequate response in a short time.

The respect for confidentiality and the secrecy of the documents treated is rigorous.

Companies, professionals, and individuals may use the translation service by contacting the agency at any time of the day also by sending an email address. ​


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Literary translations                         Poetical translations                                   Manuals Translations

Websites translations                       Scientific translations                                 Religious Translations

Culinary translations                        Tourist translations                                     Legal Translations 

Certified Translation 



Our translation agency is specialized in certified translation of documents destined abroad and coming from abroad.


- Certified translations of judicial documents;


- Certified translations of diplomas, graduate parchments, degree certificates with exams passed, translation of qualifications for participation in doctoral programs, masters; sworn translation for the recognition of qualifications between countries of the European Union.


-Certified translations of documentation relating to the registration of professional associations. 


- Certified translations of certificates of the registry and marital status, certificates of the judicial register, certificate of pending charges, criminal certificates from abroad to obtain citizenship.


 -Certified translations of authorization, divorce judgments, certificates of birth, and marriage.


- Certified translations of notarial deeds: translation and legalization of powers of attorney, wills, deeds of sale, deeds of incorporation and company by-laws, company documentation.


- Certified translations of medical reports and documentation (medical records, medical certificates, medical reports, and examinations first aid reports).


- Certified translations of documents for practical car booklets and car registration documents, translation of licenses, transfer of ownership.


- Certified translations of documents for immigration and family reunification.



Legalization and Apostilling

Blue Point carries out translation services with legalization and apostille of public documents so that they may have value abroad. We will go to Court and Procurator for you. We remind our customers that the certified translation of documents must always be carried out.


The legalization and the Apostille in itself do not expire (and therefore it is superfluous to affix a second one to the same act or document), while the act or document can be legalized or apostilled, according to the laws of the State of destination.​​


A welcome discount is always provided to the new customers

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